Master Sudhakar

English follows Japanese;

インドで最も神聖な都市の一つカンチプラムで生まれ、11歳からヨガを始める。スワミ・チャンドラナンダに弟子入りし、15歳でティーチャートレーニングを終えると、最高の指導者を意味する「ヨガ・バスカラ」を受賞。 さらに2001年には「ベスト・ヨガ・マスター・アウォード(最高指導者賞)」を受賞。



2019年6月21日品川区にてこの日限りの学び舎を開講! 源流を体験する貴重な一期一会のヨガクラスへみなさまのご参加お待ちしています!

Born in the spiritually renowned temple city of Kancheepuram, South India, Sudhakar was blessed to have started practicing yoga at the young age of 11.  Sudhakar quickly embraced the wise teachings and spiritual education from his first guru Swami Chandrananda. He completed his teacher training at the International Sivananda Yoga Centre at the age of 15. As the youngest graduate, Sudhakar was notably awarded ‘Yoga Sharomani’, or ‘Best Teacher’ award. In 2001, Sudhakar returned to Sivananda, in Kerala, to advance his teaching techniques. His talents as a teacher trainer, his innovative teaching style and commitment to his students, earned him the title, ‘Yoga Yogacharya’, meaning ‘Master of Yoga’.Sudhakar is one of the few yoga masters who could guide younger children to elderly or disabled people in yoga practice because of his long and wide range of achievement and has become highly reliable and hugely popular. 

 And now, he has created the Vanakkam Yoga School where anyone can learn the essence of yoga. He has visited Japan quite often over the last few years and spent his time to convey the origin of yoga to students in the Asia region and he’s just like a mobile ashram (a place for striving towards a yogic goal). All workshops and teacher training courses are packed full of students every time. An ashram will be opened on June 21st, 2019 at Shinagawa-ku. We are really looking forward to seeing you there, which is the only chance in a life-time to experience the original essence of yoga!